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the anatomy of a great brand story
How to create great content
Want to create better content than everyone else? Use ContentShake to get content ideas, write articles faster with AI, optimize copy using competitive market data, and publish directly to your blog!
the 6 hacks to write seo blog post articles faster info pinter image below
Content writing tips
6 hacks for writing SEO blog articles faster. If you need content faster, ContentShake is an all-in-one content writing tool you can use to create quality content that clicks with your customers!
what are some important on - page seo elements? info sheet for semrush
On-Page SEO Elements
Important On-Page SEO Elements can go a long way toward better ranking and traffic. Here's a guide how to do it!
what to include in a marketing plan
What to include in a marketing plan
Create the perfect marketing plan here!
the anatomy of a perfect seo report infographical for search engine optimizer
Perfect SEO Report
Here is what a perfect SEO report should look like and how to create it in our blog post!
the social media checklist for semrush's how to success on social media checklist
How to Succeed on Social Media: Checklist
A complete social media marketing list of tasks to keep your content fresh, relevant, and engaging!
How to Improve your SEO strategy Motivation, Marketing Strategies, Content Strategy, Marketing Information, Google Search Results, Digital Marketing Tools, Freelance Tools, Strategy Infographic
How to improve your SEO strategy
How to improve your SEO strategy, article here;
10 tips to improve your content
10 Tips to Improve Your Content
Here are 10 SEO copywriting tips for traditional copywriting and content writing that'll make your content even more irresistible👀
the 7 steps for making out a powerful content marketing strategy
7 Steps to Create a Content Marketing Strategy
7 steps for mapping our a powersful content marketing strategy: How far in advance are you planning your content? By having a documented content strategy, you can move from chaotically creating content to building an organized system!
the different types of logos are shown in this graphic
Smart vs Clear Goals
New types of businesses require new ways of goal-setting: CLEAR goals. ⭐ They should encourage employees to work together and collaborate in teams. ⭐ Goals should be limited in both scope and duration. ⭐ We want them to connect emotionally to employees, meaning they should bring energy and passion. ⭐ They can be broken down into smaller goals and be accomplished quickly and easily for long-term gain. ⭐ Goals should be allowed to be refined and modified, as many things in our world.
Digital Marketer Brain York, Dubai, London, Online Visibility, Viral Marketing, Marketing Conferences
Digital Marketer Brain
Inside the brain of a digital marketer: what 10% of the brain are you using? 🧠
Periodic Table of the Digital Marketing Elements Infographics, Digital Marketing Channels, Social Media Terms, Linkedin, Business Infographics, Digital Marketing Agency, Business Infographic
Periodic Table of the Digital Marketing Elements
There are so many elements in the digital marketing world. That's why we created the "Periodic Table of the Digital Marketing Elements"