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Soundtrack, Ghost Dog, Ghost, Poster Series, Film Noir
countevil - Filmographer | DeviantArt
a woman holding a baseball bat in front of a red and white background with the sun behind her
bee: Photo
Samurai Girl #ilustraciones
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(56) Tumblr
an image of some kind of art work
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Samouraï Champloo
a black and white drawing of a fish with a boat in it's mouth
Another Marker sketch available to tattoo #samurai #ape #tattooidea #383tattoogc
an image of some kind of art work
Japan(日本),Samurai(侍) & Life( 生活 )
Japanese art. *Unknow Artist* похоже на обложку к какой нить книге... про войны между кланами. типа как столпы земли. может еще с элементом фентези.
an image of a japanese warrior with his head in the shape of a mask and two swords
Kabuto by HostileSynth on DeviantArt
a drawing of a man in armor with wings on his head
TATTOO 'шка | Татуировки