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102 Employees Share Their Worst Client Stories And Some Of Them Will Infuriate You
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Notalwaysright memes. Best Collection of funny Notalwaysright pictures on iFunny
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Day 7281 of being emotionally broken: A support dog ran up to me and put its head on my lap and I was thrilled untill it's owner said it can sense sadness Fun story, I had two different service dogs react to me and both owners were like "r u okay?" I cried. Pve had that happen while working retail, and the dog's partner was like "sweetie? you should ask your manager to let you take a break." Source: the-memedaddy - iFunny
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E lesbianshepard back in freshman year of high school we had this teacher who was really AMB annoying and HATED cell phones with a AM) passion. at the beginning of the school year he had us sign this goddamned "contract" that we wouldn't have it in class or he would confiscate it. so this annoying douchebag kid was on his phone and the teacher went "you have to give it to me now you signed the contract" and the kid didn't even look up and said "contracts signed by a minor are not legally binding" and continued to text. and i hated that kid but.....dare i say iconic anyway he got detention for it but i just found out he got into law school this year - iFunny
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Yesterday at 1:43 PM Me, calling out a name, trying to correct an order mistake: "Leslie?" Me: "So we are sadly out of raspberry, can I" Customer: "I didn't order that." Customer: "I ordered a-" Me: "Is your name Leslie." me, holding a pizza box and shouting: SUE! customer opens the box, frowns, and sticks her finger in the pizza: i didn't order pepperoni me, with a voice devoid of any emotion sue? the actual sue, materializing at my elbow: is that a pizza for sue? me: would you like some free breadsticks to eat while we remake you pizza? sue, who has clearly worked with the public: you take as long as you need to, - iFunny
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