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Caves, Cave


Mythical Creatures, Masters, Master's Degree, Mythological Creatures

Hellgate by DM7

1 hour speedpainting for RR with friends at wecookart kitchen.

The Portal by 5bodyblade

The Portal

Ship_graveyard by i1i1

it's supposed to be a ship graveyard in a desert, when the morning sun rise up.

Bangedladesh by CodyOP

Inspired by photography of the ship graveyard on the coast of Bangladesh. I think I have a thing for boats.

Fisherman's Graveyard by zacktorres90

This was the second watercolor I did.I used a permanent marker for the ships and tentacles.

Ship graveyard near the port by Insomnes

Old abandoned ships from the yellow fleet near Port Rawson. Ship graveyard near the port

Pirate Graveyard Hideout - Day by Criglor

Final Environment for portfolio. Was lit in several different lighting scenarios and the final was added to my reel at [link] Pirate Graveyard Hideout - Day

Graveyard by ErikShoemaker

The distress signal turned out to be a trap. You might recognize parts of this scene as it is an alternative version of my piece "Meltdown".I figured the melting core could also be a dying .

Pirate Ship Graveyard... by Miggs69

Update: Here's a higher res version of them. Here's a concept of a ship graveyard turned into a bandit hideout.