Poison Brewer by Inga Hunter

Poison Brewer by Inga Hunter . Forest People, Century Post Imperium Poison Brewer's - paper costume by Inga Hunter, Australia - Textile Art

Интересные детали юбок (трафик) / Юбки и их переделки / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Vintage 1961 Bonnie Cashin dark brown tweed skirt with purse-detail pocket Museum at FIT New York

collar detail #NaaiAntwerp

Love zoom detail, could be hair, a hard hold the bag - mens white shirts, wholesale shirts, white button down short sleeve shirt *ad

Коллекция женской одежды 2013 от Ксиао Ли на фэшн-шоу Royal College of Arts, Лондон

RCA Fashion 2013 collection -- by Xiao Li. old Xiao Li from China graduated with her MA at the Royal College of Art in London. Her interest is in the garments of the future, combining silicone into knitwear to create innovative fabrics.

Интарсия - simply miu

Sweater Companion by Celia Pym, Mended Damaged Norwegian Sweater from Annemor Sundbo’s Ragpile + hand darned wool.