The photo has no instructions or information to retrieve, but this is basically one long lace rectangle, a slash left open at the neck during construction, then joined at the under arms, finish with edging. Addendum.. it's two rectangular lace pieces… knit or crocheted, joined at shoulders to form neck opening and underarms to form sleeves. join with pins first, to fit.

Knitted shrug for sale on Etsy. No pattern. Cotton Summer Cropped Sweater Shrug in Ivory color, hand knitted,


Classic gray-brown pullover with a V-neck and very impressive back, from Lana Grossa.

Фриформ: Джемпер "Пустыня" от Елены Синюковой + МК.


Фриформ: Джемпер "Пустыня" от Елены Синюковой + МК.


I love the color combo of the first one. How to crochet the lark's foot stitch - great step-by-step photo tutorial