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Another fun session with Adam! Thanks for all the new creative noises we learned today when we worked around that ankle!

This image is from the book "Mushrooms of Hawai'i by Don Hemmes and Dennis Desjardin. I have rotated the image to better see the fine color gradations. which were hard to see in the horizontal view,. More about the book at link below. It can be ordered on Amazon

Wild Mushrooms on Maui, Hawaii 2016


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Aiming for the target : PerfectTiming

Aiming for the target : PerfectTiming

Warning! Werewolves! Wooden Sign - Made to Order

I pass the werewolf sign again. I'm going in circles, but I go a different way each time, coming to the same tree, and I never turn. It was frustrating. Suddenly I hear rustling and I whip around, holding my daggers close. Fantasy welcome.