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What a great way to support your balance, reinforce an open chest and elevate the elbows in order to lift the leg a little higher in natarajasana. #yoga

little-yogi: “ Never let your ego keep you from using props. Recently I’ve let blocks, straps, and the wall become my best friend. The amount of engagement I felt in my body doing king dancer pose this way was far greater than I’ve ever felt doing it.

shiva shakti ardhnareshver

Tantric Dance - Geoglyphiks “The Tantric Dance is inspired by the union of Feminine and Masculine power. As we dance the story of our lives, may this piece inspire your inner balance of masculine and.

Challenging "awkward" yoga poses.  New to-do list.  Gives a good description of how to get into them.

If you have been working on your Locust Prep, and full Locust pose, I think you're ready to move on to Locust Scorpion. If you have a flexible back, this pose will be even easier than regular Locust.