Fox Tea Towel Knitting Pattern

Fox Tea Towel Knitting Pattern

In honor of the wiley fox, I created a fox knitting pattern! This tea towel will brighten any home, and since it's made from cotton, it's functional too!*xRw77egJEv96caOCIWEsuRmCNP4*xRw77egJEv96caOCIWEsuRmCNP4

Ravelry: Husky mittens and hat pattern by Jorid Linvik

Husky Mittens and Hat pattern by Jorid Linvik

Made this pattern for my son who loves husky dogs. When knitted in black and white, these dogs do look like huskies, but in different colors they look very much like wolves.

Siberian Husky pattern by Natalia Moreva

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