Oriental Poppy (poppy), cut flower, needs full sun, fairly tolerant to drought conditions. I neeed big poppies

An explosion of flowers. Vintage look, not a photo. One of those "reminds me of Grandma" type of things. No it doesnt look like grandma stuff its a picture of beautiful flowers.

Pink beauties.

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Nicolette Camille Floral Design | Camille Styles

The Thanksgiving Table :: Nicolette Camille

My bouquet idea, a few large flowers and a few smaller, mostly white with some other colors added in.



Camellia tree losing its pink blooms. A pink bike has been parked under the tree and is surrounded by the falling flowers

Looking out the kitchen window, Le Couvent, France | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Kitchen Window, Le Couvent, France-Destination I would love WIDE open windows at my kitchen sink so I can breath in that fresh mountain air so deep and be dreaming so big that I wouldn't realize I was doing dishes.