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15 Romantic Dresses To Wear This Valentine’s day

Fall Designer Fashions to Wear this Spring

Addicted to velvet pantsuits since the Partridge Family

poppydelevingne for girlsinFRAME wearing the Velvet Suit, available through link in bio

Study Shows Women Dress Sloppier as Work Week Goes On—Are You Guilty? via

Purple velvet skirt+ bag on fuchsia nuance+ military coat with fuchsia belt.

Im so mad at Washington weather bc its supposed to be summer and its like 60°

The Best Street Style Inspiration & More Details That Make the Difference

National Bellas Hess, winter catalog 1958-59

National Bellas Hess, winter catalog WISH skirts like this were 4 dollars today! I'm lucky to find one under 12 dollars :(

power suit 2.0

I'm constantly wishing for a completely velvet wardrobe, but I gotta admit the velvet suit hadn't crossed my mind. Bravo, Elizabeth Olsen, I shall now be looking for a blazer to match my new velvet pants.