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Sasha Murash

Sasha Murash
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Ruby Fox managed to do the unthinkable when imprisoned at the State Reformatory for Women in York and break free.

The killers smile in these mug shot pictures from Nebraska. Ray was on the first step to a ten year stint in the Nebraska State Penitentiary for manslaughter.

Vintage female criminal mug shots 1920s

Eugenia Falleni was an Australian woman, who in 1920 was charged with the murder of her wife. She lived for 22 years as Harry Crawford convincing 2 wives she was a man. Extraordinary story and true crime precedent in legal history.

from levi's fall/winter 09 collection. love the whole campaign.

I find vintage mug shots to be absolutely intriguing. Today, the televisions are flooded with police shows; as viewers we get to hear about a persons crime, we get intimate details about what happ…