Shnur Armeniya
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As a designer, this ring featuring the 'Golden Spiral/Ratio' is an absolute must.

Fibonacci Signet Ring - This signet ring is perfect for those who appreciate mathematics. A spiral representing the Fibonacci Golden Ratio is etched into the flat surface on top of the ring. The sides have numbers and a Greek letter.

This is watch always keeps you vigilant. You will never miss a meeting or an event with the Reveal Watch around your wrist. It makes you focus on only what is happening RIGHT NOW.

Ring – 18 karat white gold 32,000 dkk = $5,065

Ring – 18 karat white gold 32,000 dkk = $5,065


DIY: Helm Weave Bracelet: Close 4 small jumprings Add 2 larger rings Separate small rings and add 1 large ring Add second large ring Link 1 large ring to one side and add 2 small rings Add one more large ring on other side and repeat to finish!