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Михаил Лембинен
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Tyrande Whisperwind - World of Warcraft game art

Tyrande Whisperwind - from the online game World Of Warcraft. i dont play the game, but the artistry behind the characters is amazing

Апокалипсис в Японии глазами японских художников (1)

These illustrations by artist Tokyogenso showcase a post-apocalyptic Tokyo with 0 population and overgrown by nature.

Идва Апокалипсис: Чуйте неговите звукови сигнали! (ВИДЕО)

The antichrist is already here subtly via nano sim technology. Rapture is actually the sprit leaving to its destination, leaving the empty vessel.

Апокалипсис - глазами Владимира Манюхина

For his Life After the Apocalypse series, Russian artist Vladimir Manyuhin starts with real photographs, adding digital decay and overgrowth to create an eerily realistic sense of how the world might look long after most humans are gone.

arizona club las vegas photos | Просмотр темы - Лас Вегас. Исход в ...

The 1906 Remodeled Las Vegas Arizona Club on Block Sixteen, one of the first saloons in Vegas.