Катерина Бессмертная

Катерина Бессмертная

Катерина Бессмертная
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De branco vestida em minhas pupilas de gelo.

motherlandchr: “Guest art from Wenqing Yan aka Yuumei! maid-en-china: “ Memento Mori I had the honor of participating in Zemotion’s Motherland Chronicles project. I decided to reinterpret one of her.

Mermaid by tansy9.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Late night speed paint in an attempt to regain my mojo. About 4 hours. I've been on a Disney Binge lately, so Ariel gets her turn!

You might believe that it’s only for their own good, but how does it feel when you try to manipulate the people you love? Are you teaching them that your love is conditional? Maybe through inquiry we can find another way.  ~ Byron Katie Quotes from Loving What Is

what kind of creature is this? prompt idea: MC visits a mysterious "art" gallery opening at night and discovers the art is actually mythical creatures on display

Путешествие во снах

I dreamt of mermaids throughout the spring. This is a personal piece for me, born from the reading of Sarah Hall's "The Electric Michelangelo," the viewing of SF Ballet's "The Little Mermaid," and .

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