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★ Karambit | Lore (Battle-Scarred)

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Fidget Spinners - Naruto Shuriken Ninja Star

The Fidget Spinners - Naruto Shuriken Ninja Star is an addicting shuriken inspired Fidget Spinner.

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Fidget toys spinner DIY we love. Maybe later, you often see this unique toy milling about in social media. Yup, a toy that has a shape like shuriken is known by the name Fidget Spinner and is popular among today’s… Continue Reading →

Spin all day with these Celtic looking 2 end Fidget Spinners. Which 1 would spin the longest...? Check out our super awesome Dizzy Spinners at www.dizzyspinners.com. Perfect for fidgety hands- The dizzy spinner can get up to a 3+min very smooth and satisfying spin time. Keep your hands busy and your mind clear. Fast delivery and ultimate satisfaction. You will love it.... #dizzyspinners

His name is the spinner fidget. The origin of the word fidget itself is from the word fidgetting, which means action outside the subconscious due to anxiety or boredom. The spinner’s fidget is a small tool that… Continue Reading →

The Naruto Japanese Knife Spinner.  Beautiful edge & feel to it. Huge Sale Now ... Only $18.99 @www.dizzyspinners.com

High quality fidget hand spinners for a cheap. Triad Tri-Spinners by Dizzy Spinners are printed, and ideal for ADHD, Anxitey and a great focus toy.