Наталья Ширяева

Наталья Ширяева

Наталья Ширяева
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air conditioning repair

Gel Fan Cover Now you can beat the summer heat—and the high cost of air-conditioning! Place gel pack and elastic mesh cover in freezer; then attach to any circular fan to enjoy cool, refreshing air anytime. Keeps room comfortable for hours!


Expert shows you how to repair the most common central air conditioning problems by replacing three parts. You'll be up and running sooner and will probably save the expense of a service call.

air conditioner repair

Heating and Air Conditioning Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Salt Lake City calls themselves the “Experts Who Care” and in fact have built t.

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Instead of wearing the same shoes as yesterday, you walk your feet into these beige flats and are instantly happy with your decision! With knotted toes and a slim ankle buckle, these go-with-everything, fabric flats just became your new go-to kicks!