Samoylova Viktoria

Samoylova Viktoria

Samoylova Viktoria
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A shooting star in the night sky

Someone once told me that shooting stars are really just angels throwing out their cigarettes before god catches them smoking

Purple Moon

M/M 4 - under the purple moon, the goddess of spirit has arrived! iphone wallpaper - purple night sky with white full moon and black trees


"Take me to a place where the trees are black and sky is pink. Where the moon smiles bright, and the earth starts to sing." Travel and Photography from around the world.

Gold glitter #glitter

Manicure Inspiration: Clear Nails/See-Through Tips. An exclusive portfolio published on the Cut with eerie floating hands featuring manicures painted by editorial nail artist Madeline Poole.

* 22-carat gold toilet paper

Gold Luxury is gold toilet paper. Australian company Toilet Paper Man produced a roll paper made from gold flakes through the roll.