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You move out of your parents home in search of a home of your own. And the only available one is with 3 guys!

commie,,, by ItsReiiii

art trade w/ ! i cant really sleep rn cause im too sa d so i decided to work on my part of the trade ; hope u like dude! (art trades are closed- i j.

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I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE  -sobbing intensifies-

ok this art cannot be legally allowed *breaking news: an innocent teen just died while Pintresting, lets speak up for her* XD

I want to kiss them all.<<< These girls make me gay...

Tord as a girl is sassy and Tom as a girl look like Tom as a boy but she is a girl and Edd is a sweet one and Matt is the flirting tip * I am not good a spelling *

Eddsworld | Tumblr

Eddsworld | Tumblr