Daniel Gamayun

Daniel Gamayun

Student. Artist. Architect
Daniel Gamayun
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Pyramid-Shaped House Hiroshima, Japan This shiny, black pyramid-looking structure in Hiroshima may seem futuristic and modern, but the architects at the Suppose Design Office were actually inspired by the earliest form of Japanese architecture: pit dwellings. Japan's first pit dwelling dates back to around 200 B.C., when holes were carved into the landscape and covered by thatched roofs.

Suppose Design Office designed a black pyramid in Saijo, Japan, inspired by the earliest house in Japanese architecture called pit dwelling or "tateana jukyo"

Results of the Competition Barcelona Youth Hostel Note the dotted outline and how the image breaks the outline in small moments. Good use of one color that pops for legibility.

Results of the Competition Barcelona Youth Hostel. International architecture competition organized by Archallenge, together with Barcelona City Hall

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