Музей современного искусства в Сан-Франциско. США, Сан-Франциско

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California Now a large addition being built behind it and will be 7 or 8 stories high and greatly increase space for the modern art collections in storage

Всемирный Торговый Центр «Юнцзя»

Всемирный Торговый Центр «Юнцзя»

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Gorgeous Urban Landscapes Captured From Dubai Rooftops Vadim Makhorov certainly has an adventurous spirit! The Russian photographer braves “interesting, unusual, and hard to reach areas” in order to.

Жилой комплекс Canaletto

This residential tower named Canaletto, comes from well-known Dutch architecture firm UNStudio. Tower will be situated in trendiest and most creative districts City Road Basin, London. View more of the Canaletto Tower after the jump:

Церковь Блаженного Иоанна XXIII. Италия, Сериате

Mario Botta Architetto - Church in Seriate,, Italy

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the exhibition showcases thirteen unusually sculptured pewter vases, designed by architect mario botta.

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60_7.jpg (250×259)

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8big.gif (900×675)

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Image 1 of 16 from gallery of Foster + Partners Break Ground on 425 Park Avenue. 425 Park Avenue, Facing NE on Park Avenue. Image © DBOX for Foster + Partners

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Russia Tower, new Moscow skyscraper - design by Foster + Partners, architects - Russia Tower building, Moscow skyscraper design: Russian architecture