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Futuristic Clothing

Well meant, but in an increasingly heated world, this better be some pretty light material

rayos de sol de oro en la cabeza, retrato. Colaborando con el fotógrafo Dmitry Nedikhalow y el artista de maquillaje Tatyana Chekmezova, Alexander Beardin-Lazursky crea el proyecto América titulado " Obelisco de Ignorabimus ", que inspira y fusiona las imágenes del futurismo con el arte tradicional ruso

Obelisk of Ignorabimus & Three of Swords by Alexander Beardin-Lazursky

Like Robots? OF COURSE YOU DO. Everyone likes robots. In our everyday life we encounter robots and use them every day, in the form of ATM machines, Phones

cinemagorgeous: “By artist Kait Kybar.


Thanks to cacologies for the source :) More robots here.


Milia Endorovna, chief ingineer of the Space Ship Development Plant of Ebora

I have no idea what this is or where it came from, but I like it

Now these three are demons summoned by the guilt of a cheating man. They use him silently while his woman sleeps next to him. They only vanish when he admits his actions to his woman.

Михаил Ковалёв on Behance

the-dead-orbit: “ WARLOCK helmet concept



Think about the mechanics and practicality of future and current objects/inventions. Make objects believable

Space Helmet Prototype by Concept-Art-House on DeviantArt

The Art of Clayton Barton | Sci-Fi Soldier Helmets.jpg

The online portfolio of Clayton Barton showcases a collection of Digital Illustration, Concept Art, Sculpting and Modelling created by Clayton Barton