Boldini Giovanni Woman at a Piano. Джованни Больдини

Woman at a Piano Giovanni Boldini (Italian, Oil on panel. The interior décor resembles that of other Boldini works, including another Woman at a Piano. The gleaming wood of the instrument with its gold candelabra, the floral.

Boldini Giovanni The Summer Stroll. Джованни Больдини

The Summer Stroll, Giovanni Boldini Medium: oil, canvas

Герцог Марлборо Сингер Сарджент с семьей. Джованни Больдини

John Singer Sargent, Portrait of the Duke Marlborough, Consuelo (Vanderbilt) with their children, 1905

Пейзаж с деревьями, 1900. Джованни Больдини

Landscape with Trees, 1900 by Giovanni Boldini (Fine Art Art reproduction Giovanni Boldini)

Портрет дамы. Джованни Больдини

Portrait of Anna Elisabeth Hansen (Detail) Giovanni Boldini 1902 Giovanni Boldini was an Italian genre and portrait painter, belonging to the Parisian school.

Портрет мадам Габриэль Режан. Джованни Больдини

Portrait Of Madame Gabrielle Rejane - Giovanni Boldini

Красавица перед зеркалом. Джованни Больдини

The Beauty before the Mirror ~ Giovanni Boldini ~ (Italian: