Immaculate Heart of Mary, contemporary Catholic art by family art studio and apostolate inspired by Pope John Paul II, absolutely gorgeous!

Immaculate Heart Of Mary

Blessed Virgin Mary, contemporary by Letitia There is something about her that looks like Erica

Abstract Art Mary and Jesus

Mother and Child by J.Kirk Richards is a Christian Modern art piece that features Mary holding the baby Jesus.

jesus christ___©__!!!!

Made of hand-cut stained glass attached to a custom wood structure and weighs 425 lbs. A sinner saved by grace.

art pontius pilate | Christ In Front Of Pontius Pilate Painting

Bible critics questioned the existence of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea who handed Jesus over to die. Evidence that Pilate was once ruler of Judea is etched on a stone discovered at the Mediterranean seaport of Caesarea in

Wojciech Piechowski oil painting "Crucifixion" of 1889

Wojciech Piechowski oil painting "Crucifixion" of painting makes me think of the crucifixions of the Holocaust during WWII.

Crucified Christ

He died, He rose ,He is going to come back suddenly ! If not call out to Him, he will hear a repentant heart.