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floral jam
taken from tiktok

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*Computer Generated Images - The Color options for this item have been computer-simulated and only offered for a general understanding of color options. The actual items are handmade and can vary from the computer-simulated version. Caterina Fountain - High-Resolution Images Caterina Fountain - 3D Model with Textures Shown in Brownstone (BR)Product Code: FT-192Dimensions: 35.25"W x 52.5"HWeight: 446 lbs.Material: Cast StoneRecommended Fountain Cover: Large Assembly Instructions for Caterina Foun

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kalifornia dreamin'
a display case filled with lots of white towels next to a bathtub and sink
a wooden shelf with plants and pictures on it
Wood shelf decor
an ornate gold framed mirror in front of a floral wallpapered sofa and pillows
Marie Antoinette
a white candle holder with flowers on it and a lit candle in the middle, against a white wall
the stairs are decorated with yellow flowers and leaves
the cat is sitting in the window sill by the flowers and plants on the side of the house
the wall is decorated with colorful tiles and flowers
three candles are lit on a mantle in front of a curtain
a living room filled with furniture next to a window covered in sun shining through the curtains
55+ Easy Cottagecore Home Decor Ideas