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four different colored butterflies made out of legos
Plastic Canvas Butterflies
the front cover of bead magazine, featuring an image of a teddy bear and other items
Vintage Plastic Canvas Pattern Book PDF Digital Download Kitchen Notepad Message Holder Plastic Canvas Pattern Mouse Fish Duck Rabbit Crab - Etsy
"\"Plastic Canvas Message Holders\" is a vintage plastic canvas pattern booklet from 1991 -- now offered as an instant download so you can start crafting right away! This booklet teaches you basic needlepoint stitches to complete your projects. Designs: * Mouse & Cheese Magnet * Raccoon & Small Raccoon Magnet * Ducklings & Duckling Magnet * Crab & Scallop Shell Magnet * Dog & Fire Hydrant Magnet * Rabbit & Carrot Magnet * Toucan & Leaf Magnet * Goldfish &
four coffee mugs with the words plastic canvas coasters on them
Decoration Home Ideas
canvas crafts canvas crafts
an article in the cross stitch pattern book with pictures of vegetables and carrots on it
cross - stitched items are displayed in front of a white vase with a sign that says cheese, milk, eggs and spices
a cross stitch pattern for a teddy bear with the words kitty moffi written in it