Flame style

"Okonkwo's fame had grown like a buch fire in the Harmattan" Oknokwo became famous really fast, but he always puts up a tough guy act and becasue of it his fame is slowly decreasing.

how to draw a flame

A little bit overdrawn for use in my logo but want to do something similar.

Nice!  My grill needs this flame job!

Grill Gas Flash: 15 Prettily Painted Propane Tanks Photo-- display in garage

Not sure what to think of this.   Though this is well done and as much as I love flames I am not so sure I would want them here... to each his own..   COFFIN FOR A HOT RODDER - CUSTOM PAINT JOB - FLAMES

Not to be morbid, but I can relate to going out with a bang.

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Water Base Flames...

This is a demonstration of how to use water based paints to accomplish the fire effect.