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Hunchback! My favorite Mech!!!

âLandmarkâ Is A TrueSandbox Experience Worth Waiting For - Many games promise to be sandbox experiences but 'Landmark' looks to truly take the term to heart. We got a look at it at 2014 and it's shaping up to be one of the most

Sniper by NivanhChanthara - Nivanh Chanthara - CGHUB via PinCG.com

Need some inspiration for the end of the day? check the art of Nivanh Chanthara, concept artist at Eidos Montreal

Concept Art

An amazing idea for a possible hero within my game "TerraNova" ("New Land" in latin). I like the look of this character as it looks like a survivor from the wasteland who has had to adapt to the environment to still be alive.

Tsunami Primary Arrangement by ~dlamont on deviantART

Tsunami Battlecruiser Created for EVE Online: Create a starship contest Alternative arrangement with colour orthographic views and context examples in t.