"Good night noora" "Nora?" 'Goodnight' 'I love you' "It fits really terrific" "Because I love the you" Idk google translate

I love you' 'it suits really well; because I love you'


Anonymous said: hi I was just wondering if you know where Noora's light jacket that she wears in and is from or where I can find similar ones?

Screenshots of Noora's outfits

Noora’s outfit; So let’s start with season Her outfitNoora is wearing a white short sleeve turtleneck sweater, a pinafore dress and a brown/green coat. We can see that she’s also wearing white.

Skam Noora Real Hair

Noora Hair Style , most of skam fan search Noora's hair cut style here is photos of Noora's hair cut style. Skam fans think Noora is most beautiful girl