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the woman is doing yoga poses on her stomach and knees, with different positions to do
Cuidado Bucal – Entrenamiento Físico - Salud
Progresión anual de la flexibilidad. #anual #flexibilidad #progresion
a man laying on the ground in front of a computer monitor and an image of a skeleton
Восстановление подвижности грудного и шейного отдела позвоночника! Данное упражнение прекрасно мобилизирует T-отдел(грудной) позвоночника: Улучшает
a man leaning against a wall with his head in his hands and the text, t - spine mobility
Joe Yoon, LMT on Instagram: “Foam Roll the Upper Back A Little Differently! - 👈Swipe Left to Watch the Full Vid! - ☝️️I’ve shown how to effectively arch over a foam…”
a man laying on the floor in front of a sign that says back stretch improve this
a man is doing an exercise on the floor in front of a sign that says, t - spine mobility improve this
Best Fitness Pins
Best Fitness Pins
a woman is doing yoga on the floor and another has her hand up in the air
a woman leaning up against a wall next to a computer
Let’s getstretchyatwork in our chest, pecs, and fronts of our shoulders, because so many of us are really getting STUCK in bad postures and…