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two pictures with different colors and shapes on them, one is purple, the other is green
two purple squares with white dots on them are shown in the same pattern as each other
Презентация по изо на тему Формальная композиция
two squares with circles on them in different colors
an abstract painting with black, white, orange and green circles on the bottom half
Vincent Huot (France), Artiste Peintre Contemporain | Artmajeur
a wooden sculpture with black and brown shapes on it's face, against a white wall
an abstract painting with orange, black and grey shapes on beige paper by unknown artist
mon kaléïdoscope : Photos
an abstract painting with red and orange shapes on white paper, including circles, rectangles, and squares
Академический рисунок/архитектурная композиция(учусь)
an abstract painting with blue and purple shapes
Академический рисунок/архитектурная композиция(учусь)