Gable Hip Pitch Roof
315 Pins
an empty courtyard in front of two buildings
a wooden boathouse sitting on top of a lake
Niall McLaughlin's Fishing Hut folds open to allow views through
The Fishing Hut by Niall McLaughlin Architects
a wooden structure sitting in the middle of a yard next to some white and black buildings
Blog - Heavy Wait
a person kneeling down next to a body of water
an aerial view of a village in china
In the hutong, or old town. China | In #China? Try www.importedFun.com for award winning #kid's #science |
the outside of a house that has glass doors and wood trimmings on it
Galle Sri Lanka's Amanwella hotel
an old house with a thatched roof and stone wall in the foreground, next to a hedge
Garden House / Vécsey Schmidt Architekten
© Doris Lasch Architects: Vécsey Schmidt Architekten Location: Buggingen, Germany Structural Engineer: Nafz Ingenieure Year: 2013 Photographs: Doris
an open room with sliding glass doors on the outside wall and table in the middle
Fala Atelier
an old stone building sits in the middle of a grassy field with mountains in the background
Scuola comunale Samarovan | Die schönsten Bauten 1960 — 75
Scuola comunale Samarovan / Bruno Giacometti
a small wooden cage sitting on top of a table
Sergison Bates architects
Award-winning London and Zürich based architecture practice.
a doll house with all the furniture and accessories in it's white display case
a building made out of wooden slats with plants in the foreground and blue sky behind it
kota mizuishi's house in otai has a timber screen that encloses a sheltered outdoor space
kota mizuishi