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Ruslan Shaipov

Ruslan Shaipov
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Bugatti Veyron

@ kyle steward look we need matching ones ;) Most expensive car in the world, now in Hello Kitty’s version!

Maybach 62S with Armour from Rijck

Maybach Armored By Rijck. Famous Swiss armoring company Rijck has created a heavily armored Mayback that can deter a high-powered sniper rifle fire from ten meters away. The vehicle is powered by AMG Biturbo 620 hp gasoline engine.

Bugatti ~ World's most luxurious sedan

Bugatti Galibier -- a race car! Engine is a front-mounted, twin-turbocharged engine that delivers power via permanent four wheel drive -- Comparable to the quad-turbocharged unit used in the Bugatti Veyron. Downside: Still only a concept car.