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6th Grade Topics in Mathematics
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Divisibility by 7

Montessori math for grownups! OP posts a short proof re planarity in the comments. The illustration is %

Learn to count to pi with The Count from Sesame Street

Sesame Street: The Count Von Count counts Pi to places ( Ten Tho.

Rosetta: Battery will limit life of Philae comet lander

Battery will limit comet lander life

Agilkia landing site chosen for Philae Lander 12 November on comet

Alibaba may have invented the most successful manufactured holiday in history.

Alibaba's long-awaited IPO is finally around the corner, making this a good time to take a look at just how an IPO works.

3-D printers are making cars!

The acceleration of printing means that even cars can be now printed. The Local Motors Strati car was printed live at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2014 last week. The printing process took just 44 hours.

Fair cake cutting gets its own algorithm

Researchers found that if you start with one ancestral set of self-replicating mutant molecules, a second set will branch off spontaneously. This means that ecological diversity as encountered in biology may well have its roots at the molecular level via

Study confirms monkeys can do math

Study confirms monkeys can do math

They've got thumbs, and now they've got arithmetic. Here's how researchers taught monkeys to add‚ and why.

Three Is the Right Number for Persuasion, a Study Says -

Three Is the Right Number for Persuasion, a Study Says

Tom Laughlin, Star of ‘Billy Jack’ Movie Series, Dies