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The Devil - Zombie Tarot

15 - The Devil - The Zombie Tarot: Oracle of the Undead by Paul kepple and Stacey Graham, published by Quirk Books,

leaddust: “ Tarot by Ignacio Cobo ”

Since the Middle Ages, alchemists have sought to transmute elements, the most famous example being the long quest to turn lead into gold. Transmutation has been realized in modern times, but on a m…

The Iona Tarot deck | Tarotator

In the world of tarot, the cards can be works of art unto themselves. One rare and stunning deck is the IONA Tarot, designed and printed by artist Giona Fiochi, who produced only 12 complete decks …

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (American, 1874-1951) Illustration for the Rosicrucian Order 18 x 8in

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (American, Illustration for the Rosicrucian Order 18 x

Неоновые вывески Гонконга

Неоновые вывески Гонконга