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a mascot is walking on the court in front of an audience at a basketball game
NCAA mascots in action
This is the first time I seen him wear it it looks good
an image of a cartoon character with the words let's go duke
Duke here we go devils here we go
the words duke lady are in white letters on a blue background with paisley designs and swirls
Paisley DUKE Lady By Carmel Hall
the words, this duke fan loves march madness on a blue background with white letters
This Fan Loves March Madness By Carmel Hall (2016)
a blue shirt with the words fear on it
Cameron Crazies
the words love my blue devils are in white letters on a blue and white background
the words win or lost duke is who i choose on a blue and black background
Win Or Lose DUKE By Carmel Hall 2016
a poster that says don't call don't text don't e - mail don't come over this person is watching the duke game
Don't... By Carmel Hall (2016)
the duke logo is shown in blue and white with words that read, enough said
DUKE/Enough Said. By Carmel Hall (2016)
a blue and black square with the words true through
100% True Blue Duke Fan By Carmel Hall
the words you've been dish slapped in white on a blue background
Certified Duke Basketballaholic By Carmel Hall (2016)