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an old book with writing on it and the words written in different languages are arranged into a circle
Bibliophilia on Twitter
the family tree is shown in black and white, as well as an outline for each section
New Free 16ft Family Tree Templates Chart 12 Generations of Family Heritage
the family tree is shown in white with ornate borders and swirls on each side
Eight Generation Pedigree Chart
the printable family tree is shown in blue, red and yellow
Forms to Help Organize Your Research To get organized, placing the research information you have collected can be placed on specific forms designed to that data. Below are seven forms to assist you. #genealogy #organization #charts #forms #familytree #familyhistory #ancestors |
a color wheel with the words family search in each section and an arrow pointing up to it
Genealogy Charts
a white canvas mounted to the wall with a circular diagram on it
30 Days of Thanks #15--Christmas Gifts!
Chart on canvas
a large circular diagram with many different colored lines
Lifespans: A Radial Family Tree (detail)
Radial family tree
an image of a color wheel with the words genealoy on it
an info sheet with different types of circles and numbers on it, including the words
The hidden life of guns - Visualoop