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two people standing in front of a wall with gold confetti falling from it
写真4/6| 【動画】シチズン、時計の地板を8万個「光」と「時」の空間演出 - ミラノデザインアワード受賞
great art by a Japanese watch maker; CITIZEN, I haven't seen such a dazzling art like this!
an artistic image of gold and white bubbles floating in the air
milanosalone-2014/Light is time「光は時間、時間は光」CITIZEN
a person standing in front of a large display of lights
The Souls Of Millions Of Lightyears Away (infiniti mirrored room) by Kusama
a person holding an umbrella standing in the rain with blue lights behind them and reflecting on the wet ground
mayahan: Art Installation by Squidsoup
a group of people sitting on the ground in front of a sun
2012 review: june
Ólafur Elíasson, The Weather Project Tate Modern: Exhibition 16 October 2003 – 21 March 2004
two images of the inside of a building with light coming from it and fog in the air
Hiroshi Senju - Waterfall (2009) - Natural pigments on Japanese mulberry paper