An Interview with Rolando G. Alcantara, Typographic Innovator

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The Education of a Typographic Innovator - Print Magazine

Everything you Need to Know About The Golden Ratio #infographic #GoldenRatio

Everything You Need to Know About the Golden Ratio - Infographic

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts so that it is easier and quicker to edit my pictures as I won't be spending my time searching through every toolbar to find what I want.

The Versatile Vector Collection tatuajes | Spanish tatuajes |tatuajes para mujeres | tatuajes para hombres | diseños de tatuajes

The Versatile Vector Collection tatuajes

How to effectively use transparent backgrounds in graphic design

How to Effectively Use Transparent Backgrounds in Graphic Design

Concept Monochrome headshot of the podcast guest, overlay graphics Aesthetic: Simple use of spot colour, transparency works well. Colours or shapes could vary.


12 Free Ways to Learn Design

12 Free Ways To Learn Design Infographic

Neon Brushes For Adobe Illustrator #design #ai Download:

Neon Brushes

Neon Brushes by JRChild Draw with neon tubes as if they were pens!Use the brushes to illuminate your designs and illustrations. They鈥檙e ideal for headlin

18 rules for using text. Bespoke Social Media & Marketing

18 rules for using text. This is a great guide to utilize in order to ensure you are using text in a professional and understandable manner

color palette combos More

Choosing the right color combos in your design is such a big deal. We’re all drawn to certain colors and said colors play a factor into our feelings, it’s all physiological just like smell. I’ve seen a lot of color studies and while most of .

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Лучшие заголовки для ваших публикаций. Инфографика

5 Types of Strategies to Use for SEO for Small Business

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The Meaning of Colors