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Блог арахны это: планирование портативный ткацкий Станок для плетения планшета

Planning a Portable Loom for Tablet Weaving, "bog loom". The band and the warp are held in place by going round the roller beams like an S - not further attatchment needed! The more you pull at the ends, the tighter they are held in place

Tabletweaving: Kivrim tutoria Ram's horn - YouTube Card weaving/tablet weaving

Ram's horn - tablet weaving by flipping cards instead of turning in the other direction

Kreuzenstein Castle, Leobendorf, Austria.

Beautiful Castle Kreuzenstein, Leobendorf, Austria Burg Kreuzenstein is a castle near Leobendorf in Lower Austria, Austria. It was constructed in the century.

Рисунок 4: Использование 8 таблеток для плетения группы

Shelagh Lewins' website: The Ancient Craft of Tablet Weaving - Getting Started. Very clear instructions and photos for the beginning tablet or card weaver.