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Check out some new posters for Blumhouse & Jordan Peele’s Get Out Live for Films ~ Saw it for the time today with the white hubby, which was his first time. This movie got 5 total clapping ovations throughout its best parts and climax, so so good!

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Uruk hai El nombre "Uruk-hai" está formado por Uruk, que en lengua negra significa orco en relación a la palabra "Urko" del lenguaje Quenya inventado por Tolkien, y hai que significa "gente" o "pueblo". Entonces se puede traducir "Uruk-hai" como pueblo Orco. Existe un término similar: "Olog-hai" (pueblo Troll), utilizado para una clase de trolls especialmente fuertes y capaces de soportar la luz del sol. Peligro 8-9

The Orc soldiers of The Battle of the Five Armies were a mix of costumed live action performers and entirely digital characters, with varied ranks, origins, species and individuals, that offered Weta Workshop's designers ample opportunity to explore

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Footaction X ADIDAS "This was so long it couldn’t fit (oh my) so I split it in two parts. Commission I did for Adidas Originals. This is the bite sized version, the original was a huuuuge 17 x Thanks to AD Ricky Young!" By Sachin Teng