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Надюшко Седова
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Awesome, I don't think I can draw this well

How to draw BOOTS! This drawing begins again with weight of line, however sculpting and pushing the form further by introducing some tone. Here darker areas of the subject are seen though shading. drawing of boots, introducing tone

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As per request: One technique for Adding Glow Effects in Manga Studio/ Clip Studio Paint. Please feed the artist by checking out my Patreon. How To Create Glowing Effects

Muriatic cities

This is one of three covers of the german version from the book 'Fade to Black' (Weg ins Nichts) from Francis Knight. I did this cover for the german pu. Fade to Black

Talbot the Magician by ~NoSafeHaven on deviantART

Cesare Giovanni - Hitman - Classy and silent, Cesare is an efficient right hand man for the Giovanni Family. Always careful, never bold, her cousin Serena can always count on his brawling skill and his marksmanship if needed.