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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Sofa. When buying a sofa, it is confusing with the sheer variety of colours, materials and styles, not to mention the different levels of quality and rates.

Osorgina house in St. Petersburg. Architect Shaposhnikov. The architecture of the second half of the XIX century. Drawings and sketches.

Architecture (Exteriors) Top Image: by Ivan Shaposhnikov Row Left (Otto Wagner), Middle (Ernest Janty), Right (Luttke & Backes) Row Left (P. Esquite), Right (Ian Kochera) Row by Otto.

Petit Trianon: the small salon | Art Architect

A small but none the less charming room at the Petit Trianon is next on our tour: The small salon. The room was also used as an informal di.

Practical builder, or, Workman's general assist...

Practical builder, or, Workman's general assistant, shewing the most approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate part of any building . rules of carpentry . the proportion of the five orders .