Anonymous said: www(.)mtv(.)com/news/2905159/teen-wolf-dylan-obrien-season-6-first-look/ dylan's back!!! Answer: OMG I KNOW!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! :D

I should probably just make a Stydia board *sighs* oh well

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Teen wolf is over 😭


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allison argent and lydia martin - teen wolf

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The badass banshee

teen wolf wallpaper - Pesquisa Google

theshipisright: “Teen Wolf Wallpaper My Deviantart ”

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Teen Wolf 's signs

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cass-evelyn-art:  Individual posts: Scott | Allison | Stiles | Lydia | Kira | Malia

The Fool - Scott McCall (season to what you might think, The Fool card does not usually symbolise “stupidity.” The Fool represents beginnings, innocence, living in the moment, and being true to yourself.

Ugh I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since it started and it’s all over now☹️

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