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NES and Sworcery

Sword & Sworcery artwork for a NES cart by 72 Pins. I made it for the Sworcery A/V Jam that’s finishing today. The full NES cartridge will be publis. NES and Sworcery

Pixel Nude #3 by on @deviantART

Third in the initial set of four, and the smallest at x Ordinarily that wouldn't ordinarily make much of a difference, but these pixels get prog.

The Adventures of Batman  Robin by Konami

The Adventures of Batman Robin by Konami

21812 by CI7490N on DeviantArt

21812 by on DeviantArt

come here often wanderer?

Here's Dark Souls II with the chosen ones gathering around the bonfire, reimagined in glorious by pixel-wizard Bandygrass. Pretty neat animation, and it reminds me of the superb character selection screen in Diablo II.