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an advertisement for the class of 2013 is displayed on a black background with pink lettering
Words behind the picture (staff) This would be a good coverage for the senior favorites page, It shows their confidence in everything they have accomplished. They are ready to move on.
a badge with the name of a woman on it next to an identification card for a new year's resolution
Staff Badges
Staff Badges w/photo tips on the back
the collected thread logo is shown in black and white, with an image of various items on
Emma Brooks – Design Studio
Collected Thread logo made up of simple icons.
a circular diagram with different colors and sizes
17 Beautiful Examples Of Clean And Minimal Infographics - Designbeep
Data visualisation - Life Représentation graphique d'un parcours personnel, les arcs concentriques indiqués des périodes de la vie, l'arc externe l'humeur en fonction d'une échelle de couleur et les histogrammes ? Cette représentation peut être intéressante pour mesurer un phénomène en fonction de plusieurs facteurs et d'une variable continue.
an abstract poster with circles and dots in blue, pink, and purple colors on it
I love this design! The use of different "cool" colors in purple, blue, and pink looks really cool. There are a lot of circles in varying sizes, and it looks really interesting and pretty.
four postcards with the words, we're going places and wander for a bit
Tales of a Thirty-Something
I can do this...draw a circle in PS, bucket fill it in with a color, adjust opacity, type in something....journaling for photo?
a poster with a person holding a paintbrush in front of a pink circular design
‘Analog vs Digital’ poster by John C. Thurbin. #graphic #design #poster
a series of photoshopped images with different shapes and sizes, including the image of a
Dansem Officina 2012.
Dansem Officina 2012. by Valentin Breyne, via Behance
an image of a man with grey hair
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Jessica Svendsen decided to do a workshop at Yale with several redesigns during 100 days of the poster "beethoven" of Josef Müller-Brockmann.
an image of a merry christmas card on the app store's facebook page, which is
forlifebig.jpg by Justin Burns
Christmas Time Graphic Design. Christmas ornament collage. Happy holidays!
the poster for master class shows different colors and shapes, with dots all over it
50 stunning geometric patterns in graphic design
Graphic design work by Urtd
the social media in business infographical poster art print by lab no 4 - product packaging design
Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem
Business use of Social Media infographic and useful statistics - fortune 100
the world's happest and unhappest countries infographical poster
Visual Bits
happy vs. unhappy - I really would like to know who did that becuse this looks like completely shit to me, except for North European Countries (for which i've red real studies). And also, do not mix the quality of life with the happiness, this is basically un-related.
three men jumping in the air with trees and water behind them, one man is wearing black shorts
The 28 Most Memorable Movie Posters Of 2013
Movie Poster - 2013 Love the game with the type : color, transparancy... Simple & efficient
an image of a circle with many different things on it, including pictures and words
Typography Timeline
Typography Timeline