one day, woven — lune

one day, woven

Weaving techniques that might be helpful (not for card weaving but for weaving where the warp threads are spaced further apart. This board is very useful for details about weaving. (For stories about Peruvian children and adults weaving

basket weaving patterns

Some patterns on neolithic pottery have originated from clay lined baskets, they have served the function of moulds. There are regional styles of basketry globally.

florero de carton

прочие поделки своими руками, различные техники

Урок плетения крышки для корзиночки - ДЕКУПАЖ и ПЛЕТЕНИЕ из бумаги | Плетение из газет | Постила

Плетение из газет

Hills and Dales II - Lois Russell

Hills and Dales II - Lois Russell, idea for knitting!