Tuor son Huor, cousin of Turin Turambar. I always liked Tuor better than Turin. He's what Turin could have been if he hadn't been cursed.

Wallpaper of Legolas Greenleaf. Played by Orlando Bloom in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Legolas Wallpaper for fans of Legolas Greenleaf images.

markedasinfernal: The Lords of Gondolin, by Kamehame

Middle Earth

Set Phasers to LOL - Lord of the Rings - page 17 - Lord of the Rings

via Middle-earth News: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (March – Oloris Publishing has acquired the rights to the first book from artist and illustrator Jenny Dolfen. Songs of Sorrow and Hope – The Art of Jenny Dolfen is tentatively scheduled for summer

Gold-Seven on deviantART : Jenny Dolfen is one of my favorite Tolkien artists, especially for Silmarillion-inspired work. Mmm, those crazy Fëanorians.