14 Pins
a whiteboard diagram with people talking and other things on it, including an office
Zone Analysis and User Scenarios
Zoning Analysis : To facilitate accessing to the library, it is suggested to divide the building site into 2, Zone1 and Zone2. Zone1 ...
a comic strip with instructions on how to use the chair for an office work space
Your Best Agile User Story
agile epic story- enable quiz
the book user stories applied for agile software development
User Stories and User Story Examples by Mike Cohn
User Stories Applied
a table with several different types of text
Agile Excel Spreadsheet for the Product Backlog
two white papers with different types of paper on top of each other, one is open and the other has an info sheet attached to it
CheckoutUX.png by Michael Pons
a woman's profile is shown in the middle of a poster with pictures and words on it
Как улучшить юзабилити сайта с помощью моделирования персон
Метод персон: моделируем пользователей сайта — Ланч-тайм — Сибирикс
two smartphones showing the location of different animals and places to go in each direction
Feature Userflow
Feature Userflow
a collage of photos with the names of different teams and numbers on them, including one
Карта истории
Карта истории — Ux Journal — Medium
a computer screen with diagrams on it
User Story
a computer screen with some diagrams on it
User Story Flow
the flow diagram shows how to use an appliance
Sitemap For Student Guide
Sitemap For Student Guide
a flow chart showing the various types of items that are needed to use in an application
there are many items on the table in this office setting, including a toolbox and pens
Planning Games
Planning Games I like to begin a design project with a lot of customer/user/programmer/designer collaboration. This builds team buy-in and greatly informs the design process. This is part of a se...