Hermione and Belle - Something always will be the same.

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Baymax and Ciel - Black butler//Big hero 6

Im going to pin it to my 3 boards. Star, Mabel, and Marianette.

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Gravity Falls/ Star vs the forces of evil crossover Bill Ping Pong Tom

Bill....just let the girl hug you...please, so she won't trample me and attack me...

just let the girl hug you.please, so she won't trample me and attack me.<<< Omg this is probably half of the fandom XD

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RIP Marco’s Super Awesome Nachos Star vs the forces of evil gravity falls


Over the garden wall+gravity falls

◦✎ ☆*: Star vs the Forces of Evil Wander Over Yonder Crossover :*☆ ✐◦

TBH I think they would make a good team they fight evil everyday and are REALLY energetic

Wander and Gravity falls by robotoco on DeviantArt

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Ratings Report: Wander Over Yonder & Gravity Falls – Derpy News ...

Wander Over Yonder, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time

The answer is "Yes, i do love Star vs. the Forces of Evil." Wander and Sylvia© Wander Over Yonder Star and Marco© Star vs. the Forc.

Is this an SU inspired pic???

Is this an SU inspired pic?

Disney: Гравити Фолз / Грэвити Фоллс

Gravity Falls by Mistrel-Fox on DeviantArt

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